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Monday, January 30, 2012

Natural Hair and Professionalism. An oxymoron? - Black Enterprise

Natural Hair and Professionalism. An oxymoron? - Black Enterprise\\

Above is a link to a fellow blogger on Black Hair....

Here is my take after reading parts of her article..........I know that during the 19th century... and early 20th Century.... it was a given perception that kinky, curly, nappy, short hair was thought to be ugly, unkept and therefore inferior in comparison to America's standard of beauty...that is long, flowing, silky, bouncy hair (now...swing your neck around!)

I collect black ephemera that show the supposedly ugly side of black, nappy-headed children!  This demeaning caricature  of black is rampant in books, laundry soap, watermellon and pancake advertising.  Blacks were being taught to dislike and loathe their hair... their looks consisted of a wide nose, large lips and teeth.  Our looks were said to validate our insides as being 3/5th's of a man... and as being dirty, unruly and lazy!  

Michael Jackson did change his nose and skin color, but back in the 1950's when I was born (hmnnn light-skin and gray eyes... but good lord this hair is nappy!).... the majority of blacks could not change their lips, hips and nose.... so we quickly decided to be like white... and change our hair!  

Why a silky mane of hair... men and women... made us more likeable, employable and more accepable like Sammy Davis and Sam Cooke.  Why Aunt Jemima just wore a headwrap to cover her kinks!

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