Sour Grapes Post Election 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Great statements from a fellow blogger!!!

Another debate.  Gee, South Carolinians have been looking for anyone but Willard.  They have made up their minds (it's hard to use the word mind in association with South Carolina Trogs).  They seem to have selected the intellectual Visigoth from Georgia as Perry went back to being a full time asshole from El Paso.

The crowd loved Groingich's attack on the press.  They did not care that the basis of the question was his basic amoral hypocritical nature.  One of his former wives claims that Newt wanted to be a swinger, didn't get his way, and dumped her for #3 after six years of adultery.  Newt is a real piece of work.  I have trouble with the words devout and Catholic being used in association with either of the current Groingichs.  Do you?

Willard proved, once again, to be tone deaf to the 99%.  We still don't know when we'll see his 1040.  If he had opened the "debate" with a statement along the lines of "I have decided to do as my Dad did in 1967.  As we speak 12 years of my tax records are being released..." he might have kept his lead.  To most folks he's just one more rich prick who'd look real good with a pitchfork stuck in his ass.  Bain may be his bane, after all a proper capitalist is not a vulture.

All in all, the "debate" confirmed that South Carolina's Trogs don't want a Mormon, a libertarian, or an holier than thou prig from Pennsylvania.  It has to frustrate folks in SC, all they are left to vote for is a Catholic (at least he once was a Baptist ).  The edge goes to Newt.  Willard's lead after New Hampshire didn't make sense, I forgot how slow folks are in the Palmetto state

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