Sour Grapes Post Election 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

And the beat goes on . . . . . . Primary Elections 2012

In the past 25 years, the state has thrown 11th hour curve balls to many well-funded front-runners who were expected to win its primary. Among them: Walter Mondale in 1984, Bill Clinton in 1992,George W. Bush in 2000, Howard Dean in 2004, and Obama.
This year, it’s Romney who’s looking over his shoulder, as he approaches Tuesday’s first-in-the nation primary.

Santorum and Huntsman need a strong showing to springboard into South Carolina for its Jan. 21 primary—and both say a strong second finish is possible. Pollster Smith says Huntsman may have the best chance of surging into second, although he cautions that the former Utah governor doesn’t seem to be attracting the Republican base, but Independents and “undeclared” voters who may not be as committed to turn out Tuesday.

Voters here detest coronations, and they have a very long history of taking contrarian positions in elections. 
......Just ask Barack Obama, who was leading Hillary Clinton in 2008 by 13 points the day before the primary. He was gliding into rallies like a rock star as thousands of people waited in freezing weather to see him. She was tearing up in a diner, looking like loser. Pundits were writing her obituary.
Just when it seemed Clinton was finished, New Hampshire gave her a stunning upset victory, throwing the Obama campaign into chaos.
These folks do not want to feel the fix is in. And they don’t pay attention to the horse race.
“I don’t want to be told to vote for a candidate because he’s ahead in the polls—I want to get up close and personal and decide for myself,”

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