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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quilted Mammy Pattern & A Poem

Another poem that touched me in a special way....

"Love is a won’erful thing. A mother al’ays loves her chillun. Don’t care whut dey do. Dey may do ‘rong but it’s still her chile.

Den dere is de love uv’ va ‘oman fer her man, but it ain’t nut’in lack a mother’s love fer her chillun.

I loves a man when he treats me right but I ain’t never had no graveyard love fer no man...."- Sarah Fitzpatrick, former slave, 1938

Sorry, did not pick up who printed, or deserved credit. Simply scanned internet pg.
What are some of the reasons that these women quilted?
What do these reasons suggest about what women value?
What do they suggest about women's activities and roles in families and society?
What do they suggest about women's personal lives, professional lives, creative lives, families, communities, modes of expression?

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