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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life on the Plantation . . . .

"My name is Mary Kincheon Edwards and I was born on the eighth of July, 1810. I was give to Master Felix Vaughn and he brought me to Texas. I nursed the Vaughns' baby son, name Elijah. I knit the socks, wash the clothes and sometimes I work in the field. I help make the baskets for the cotton. Us pick about 100 pounds of cotton in one basket. I didn't mind pickin cotton, because I never got the backache. I pick two, three hundred pounds in one day, and one day I picked 400. Sometimes the master give a prize to the slave what pick the most. I git a dress one day and a pair of shoes 'nother day for pickin the most. I so fast I take two rows at a time. My name is Mary Kincheon Edwards."
Using natural herbs for medicinal purposes:

Us boil wild sage and make tea and it smell good. It good for the fever and the chills. Us get slippery elm and chew it. Some chew it for bad feelins and some jes to be chewin.

Making soap:
"Us use ash and lye-drip for make barrels of soap. The way you test the lye is drop an egg in it, and if the egg float, the lye ready to put in the grease and make the soap. Us throwed greasy bones in the lye and the lye eat the bones. That make the best soap."

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