Sour Grapes Post Election 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Anybody wanna see SOUR GRAPES...???

. . . . .The level of disrespect that radiates off of her (Mary Matlin) is astounding and yet not surprising at all. Could you possibly imagine Van Jones speaking to her in the same manner and not having the right-wing media setting him on fire?   ...reminds me of this ole' gal !!
 . . . . .and this is my response to her...

. . . .The Republican Party can't imagine a world in which they might be wrong. It's why they love to talk about America and taking it back. It's why they have no problem calling those who disagree with their ideology un-American. They believe the rest of us are twisted, idiotic moochers who seek only to destroy their society -- as if they own the very fabric that is America. They will cry, yell and place blame any and everywhere else they can.
However, America isn't being taken away or destroyed. America is doing what America is supposed to do: reflect the beliefs of its population. And America's population has a lot of pesky people of color, gays and women who all have a say in how things work.
Problematic, I know.
This is a Y-Tube ---

Wolf Blitzer interview of Van Jones And Ms. Matlin   (she is James Carville's wife !!!.....  pretty stinky I'd say!!!   Something akin to a gracious winner and a sore loser!!!

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