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Friday, August 14, 2015

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McKinney: Where Police Turn a Pool Party into a Texas Rodeo - See more at:

By now most of the Western world has seen the sickening video coming out of McKinney, Texas of local police tunring a simple pool party into a potential riot zone. Nothing in this video represented responsible community policing. In fact, the scene more resembled what one might expect at a Texas rodeo! From the opening montage of the officer running wild and tumling like a bucking bull, it was clear that these cops did not show up to bring calm and restore law and order. They were on the hunt.

The worst moment of the nine-plus minute video is footage of Cpl. Eric Casebolt wrestling a 15 year-old girl to the ground and placing his knees and bull body weight on the small of her back. This type of treatment, usually reserved for calves in a rodeo arena, was on full display in a suburban neighborhood. We can no longer tolerate these “cowboys” with badges who, in the case of Cpl. Casebolt, deem it necessary to draw his weapon on a group of unarmed black teens who are coming to the aid of a young girl he is brutally manhandling. Someone with such disregard for young, unarmed members of our society has no business policing our communities. I am calling for the McKinney Police Department to fire Cpl. Eric Casebolt immediately! He should have no problem finding employment in another line of work. I hear the Texas Rodeo is hiring. He already shows he has the experience. 

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