Sour Grapes Post Election 2012

Monday, May 2, 2011

Trump has spent the last several weeks hunting down President Obama's past with as much furor as the CIA had in chasing Bin Laden himself. Obama first struck down Trump's conspiracy theories by releasing his long-form birth certificate. As if that weren't enough, he then roasted him like a piece of chicken at the Correspondents Dinner this weekend, joking about the fact that Trump's next great mission will be to find the whereabouts of Biggie and Tupac.
But out-trumping Trump would have to go deeper than simply ridiculing him in public. Some would say that there is a direct incentive to hit him where it hurts. Whether it is coincidental or not, President Obama's decision to announce the Bin Laden finding right in the middle of a highly-rated episode of Celebrity Apprentice is nothing short of scandalously debilitating.

If you recall, Sunday night's episode was the one where Nene Leakes and Star Jones were set to go at it in one of those 'let's watch the angry black women fight' episodes that millions of viewers love to see. The show is one of Trump's prized financial assets, this was his big night and his advertisers are likely calling him to get multi-million dollar refunds. Even Nene vs. Star won't sell more tickets than Obama vs. Osama.

So, this has been a great week for President Obama.
Obama has proven that he was certainly smart enough to get into Harvard.

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