Sour Grapes Post Election 2012

Monday, October 25, 2010

I am still a black woman in America ..

I remember Fiddler.....
 A child of the 60' thru 80's era.   The lens thru which I see Black history is tinted - indelibly. 

Take the controversey over Juan Williams, NPR, Fox News, MUSLIM Viewspoint, which sounded like how white folk see black dudes and think they are robbers and thieves and rapists.....

I've pondered the thing for days now.   The high and might white news commentators are spinning it.   What us - most often unheard of views are not being touted. 

Something is wrong with the CNN/Fox view of Juan Williams....

and Williams is ultimately wrong.  A bigger goal for Wms should have been to expose sometimes biased/racist attitudes felt by all... rather Fox is pawning him to right-wing conservatism... for which we just cannot vote for!   

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