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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

string of n-words.... Some things You should keep to yourself!

I am stunned by this. The venom and emotionalism displayed by Dr. Laure is surprising. The under tone of resentment. The revelation of her views of racial discourse in American politics and life. Her insensitivity to Jade's (her caller's) predicament. The apology here should be to Jade. I don't think a general apology was needed, but as a counselor, WOW, she really missed the boat. She obviously has strong opinions regarding current racial discourse in America. And, if she feels, as she seemed to imply, that her views are middle of the road or neutral, there's is word I would like to offer to her. That word would be DENIAL! She managed to rant and rave about the NAACP and Black Activists, when all the poor caller wanted was help with her personal situation. Dr. Schlesinger was obviously unsympathetic and even implied that she brought it on herself by having an interracial marriage. The doctor goes on to mention all of her black associates as some sort of proof of her lack of racial bias. Any rational person listening to this would have to question her on this. Her raw emotion was palpable and far from neutral. And, hypothetically speaking, if I were black and, G_d forbid there was a racial conflict, where right-minded people, black and white, had to take action to stem the tide of hatred and violence, I would be terrified to have her in my foxhole.ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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