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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I said it yesterday.... Tiger Woo,woo,woo !

Posted it on facebook...... the World was silent except for my brother who cheered him on to victory! 

POST:  my child is back. :) April 8 '10 is the Masters favorite with 4green jackets - Tiger Woo woo woo   (Nuff said...!!! :)

Controversial golf star Tiger Woods still has one supporter -- at least of his abilities as a golfer. In a brief interview on Fox News, President Barack Obama was asked about his thoughts on Tiger's return to the Masters next month.

At first, President Obama seemed taken aback by the question -- and understandably so, since he has some many other problems to worry about (such as health care) that the actions of a golfer don't seem so important. However, he did eventually give his thoughts: Tiger has acknowledged his faults to all of America, and anything else in his personal life is between him and Elin Nordegren to figure out. Nevertheless, he believes that Tiger will still be a "terrific golfer."

The Tiger Woods scandal has taken the TV world by storm, and many people expect his return to the Masters to be the highest-rated golf broadcast in the history of the sport. Since the event is heavily protected, it is unlikely that Tiger will be pushed into talking much about his personal life

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